Selling your home

You want to sell your house and you don’t know what to do…
You think you want to sell it just because you don’t need a real estate agent to do it for you… anyway… selling is easy! It’s just showing the house and someone likes it, then it will be noticed and that’s it.

The main mistake when trying to sell your home is to believe that it is easy. Every property and every client is different.
All the people who “fall in love” with your house may not be able to buy it from you.

What’s more… they may not be able to buy it because the IRS will give them a stick.
What? What does hacienda have to do with this? The tax authorities play an important role for both parties.

For all this and much more, we list 5 mistakes that homeowners make when they want to sell their property:

– A higher home price valuation than what the market indicates.

– Not knowing how a home is presented for a visit.

– Receiving calls from interested parties and making visits with all of them without doing a proper screening of buyers with a real buying potential.

– No knowledge of legal issues and documentation required for the sale.

– Having little experience in marketing the property, which means that the potential of the property is not seen.

We don’t want you to make these mistakes and we know how to do it, that’s why we want to help you get the best out of your property and have a rewarding experience.
That’s why we do all of this and more.

– Complete and personalized marketing plan so that your home has all the potential and nothing is left out.

– A market study, making different comparisons where we ensure a fair and competitive price in the market.

– The fact of filtering potential customers ourselves means that you don’t waste your time and that the visits are truly fruitful.

– As we are the interlocutors we generate confidence in your home, your home will be seen with a single price in all the portals.

– Legal documentation assistance throughout the process and for whatever you need, saving you all the headaches that this entails.