About Us

About Us : Just as you build a house we have created Sole Agent, brick by brick we have climbed the thick walls made of human contacts bonded with glue of trust and mutual respect, walls supported by four pillars:

– Passion for what we do,
– Respect at any time and in any place,
– Availability that has always characterized us,
– Seriousness towards our clients who trust us.

To protect this fantastic structure there is a solid roof that represents the team of professionals who work with perseverance, harmony and union in order to complete our house.
Sole Agent

We take care of all the phases of the sale and purchase.
We make a careful selection and offer you only those properties that meet your requirements.
We prepare the contractual documentation for the interested parties.

We offer complete notarial assistance.
We help you with all the following activities after the sale (registration of the property, payment of the due taxes on the purchase, new electricity and water contracts, insurance estimates, moving, renovation, etc.).